One thing we cannot rely on in Ireland is the weather. While we always have our green fields, our beautiful buildings and the wonderful history that shaped us, a lot of this must be enjoyed while enduring a shower or two. Less sun in Ireland unfortunately means less outdoor BBQs but not to worry, Dublin has plenty of American-style BBQ restaurants so we can indulge our cravings any time of the year. The central location of PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments on Dublin's Leeson St means you can easily walk to many of the top American restaurants in Dublin.

Fowl Play – 15-minute walk 

A short 15-minute walk from door to door, Fowl Play is probably the least known but most delicious restaurants on our list. Set inside the popular indie/hipster bar called the Square Ball (which is worth the visit with or without a BBQ), the Fowl Play kitchen is powered by a charcoal rotisserie and grill and a Texas wood-fired smoker, producing some of the finest BBQ this side of Dublin. They have a great selection of sandwiches, burgers and if you don’t fancy a full meal, their bar snacks are to die for. Do yourself a favour and enjoy a bowl of their BBQ wings.

Pitt Bros – 15-minute walk 

The original is often the best and as the restaurant who started the BBQ trend in Dublin, Pitt Bros is no exception. Since they opened in 2013, they are a household name when we talk about BBQ joints. Not much has changed since 2013 (not that it needed to!); it’s still a casual BBQ-style diner that offers mouth-watering slow-smoked meat and excellent sides like their delicious mac n’ cheese or cheesy bacon fries. Finish off with a complimentary ‘99 (ice cream on a cone for those unfamiliar) and you’re in BBQ heaven!

Bison Bar & BBQ - 15-minute walk 

If you like hipsters and notions, Bison is the wrong place for you! This no-frills bar & BBQ joint prides itself on its simplicity and its huge BBQ portions. As you might gather from the name, the bar is a cowboy theme with saddles for chairs and animal hides dotted around. They really know their stuff when it comes to great food & often have drinks specials on offer too, like their €5 old fashioned. They also host a Beer, BBQ & Bourbon fest every year to show us how to recreate their delicious smoked meats at home.

Mongolian BBQ - 15-minute walk

Set in the heart of Dublin's buzzing Temple Bar area, the Mongolian BBQ is the ‘healthy’ BBQ option. It’s a buffet-style, all you can eat set-up, with all raw ingredients. Fill your bowl with as much meat, veg, sauce and noodles as you can fit and hand it to the BBQ master who will then cook your meal right in front of your eyes. Piping hot BBQ doesn’t get any fresher than this and best of all, you can go up as many times as you like with no judgment. They have a set price of €17.90pp for as much food as you can manage with discounts for early birds, student and lunchtime visitors. 

My Meat Wagon – 30-minutes' walk 

It may be a bit of a stroll, but My Meat Wagon is worth the journey. They have plenty of options for carnivores, served on boards or in boxes and their signature BBQ sauce is the best around. Not only is the food excellent, you’re also beside one of the best indie cinemas in Dublin, The Lighthouse, which shows all manner of national and international alternative movies with a sprinkle of blockbusters. At the other end of the square, you’ll find THE BEST traditional Irish music pub in the city, The Cobblestone, where you'll find live music and great craic every night. It’s everything you need to make your BBQ dinner into a great night out.

Whether you like fine dining or American-style restaurants, Dublin’s excellent dining scene has something for everyone. Our sought-after location in Sandyford means you’re close to some of the best bars, restaurants and pubs that Dublin has to offer. To make a reservation in our serviced apartments in Dublin, contact our in-house reservations teams or use our official website for our best rates guaranteed.

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